Have you ever heard of a company called DYMO?
It is a company that makes stationery that embosses letters on vinyl tape when you turn the tick-tock wheel and grip it with a clank.
The company has a long history and started selling its products in the 1940s.

In the 1960s and 1970s, several companies introduced stationery that created similar embossed tapes.

Plastic models and cheaper products are still available today, but now only a few enthusiasts (sorry if that offends you) know of their existence, and this wonderful product has been forgotten by people.

This is not only true for us users, but also for manufacturers.
When we launched this site, we contacted several manufacturers, but there were cases where even the manufacturers who were selling the product at the time did not know the exact information or that the product had been sold in the past, because there were no employees left who knew about the product at the time, or there were no documents left from before the introduction of IT.

We are still able to obtain the actual products at the moment.
There are still craftsmen who can repair broken products.

Now in 2021. I started this site to preserve the information about this wonderful tool.

The author is a newcomer who started collecting DYMO in 2021.
I have a limited knowledge that would be considered amateurish by a truly knowledgeable expert.
If you notice that I may be describing wrong information, please feel free to point it out.
Also, if you have any other information, please let me know.

I will update this page slowly, but please bear with me.

[This text has been translated by DeepL.]